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The project “Lie Algebras and Geometric Structures for Undergraduates” is written to meet the criteria of NREUP. It is designed to increase the math knowledge of a group of four sophomore students (math and physics majors), and to give them two basic research problems to work on for a period of six weeks in Summer'11. The project is planned to have two, a teaching and a research, phases. The teaching phase (three weeks intensively, and then through the planned daily discussions) is devoted to teaching the participants topics of Linear Algebra, Algebraic Structures, and basics of Differential Geometry with emphasis on Lie groups. This would provide the students with the necessary knowledge for understanding the problems and doing research on them. During the first phase, a gradual introduction to the problems of the project will be done as well. The research phase (the last three weeks of the project's period) will be devoted to active research. The students will be divided in two groups, two students in each, and will work on the proposed Questions 1 and 2 (see below). A fortunate fact about this year students we are planning to work with is that, through the courses in Physics they have taken, they all are familiar with the basics of Differential Geometry. We are planning to build upon that and teach them the subject in a more rigorous way.

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our project

about us our project

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